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Lately, we've gotten a number of redundant emails and comments regarding a couple of issues, and we want everyone to be aware of the FAQ section over to your left.

 It addresses questions like "Why is Qimo different than Edubuntu?" and "How the heck do your pronounce Qimo?" just in case you're wondering, and don't see it in the comments threads.  Any additional comments and questions are always welcome!  Please leave a comment here, or email us at info@qimo4kids.com


Thanks everyone, and have a great holiday!!

Much Ado about Qimo

Wow, have things been crazy for us here.  We’re just now getting a chance to sit down and actually post about SCaLE 7x and the Florida Linux Show.


First, SCaLE 7x was terrific!  We had such a great time, really got to connect and network with others who share our interests.  Friday’s session track about open source software in education provided much information, all of which was useful.  Saturday and Sunday proved fruitful on the expo floor, as well.  We got to meet tons of people, passed out all sorts of information about Qimo, and generally had a great time!!  A special thanks goes out to the organizers of SCaLE 7x, we can’t wait to do it all over again next year.

This past weekend, we attended the Florida Linux Show in Jacksonville.  It was lovely, had a very nice time getting together with the Florida Ubuntu team, as well as the members of the Georgia team who attended.  It was a great opportunity to network and share.  Thanks go out to the organizers for inviting us to attend.  Can’t wait to see you guys again in October!

Additionally, we’re looking forward to the Atlanta show in September, as well!!

There’s been a lot of press coverage on Qimo of late, and I’d like to take a moment to thank all the members of the press and bloggers who have taken Qimo to the next level.  We couldn’t be here without all of the work you guys have done.

And we’d like to welcome everyone from the international community who have joined us, as well.  Just this week, we’ve received an email from a gentleman in Germany who is setting up his own branch of the charity, and using Qimo as a German distribution.  It’s awesome!!

More updates to come soonish.  I’m going to get all the links to recent press coverage up!

Want Qimo gear?

Would you like to help us raise money for development, and look cool and stylish, rocking Qimo on your shirt?  Want a mousepad with Qimo’s cheery face? Do you have little ones in the house who would dig a “Qimo for Me!” shirt?  They’re available!!

Start Shopping!

All profits go toward development and maintainence costs associated with Qimo.


Qimo in the News

We just got back from our Scale trip and already Qimo is starting to get notice!

Katherine Noyes once again mentions us in one of her now twice-weekly blog safaris over at Linux Insider.  Meanwhile, Matt Asay over at CNet talks about getting kids started on Linux early by giving them a Qimo desktop.

If you find anyone else talking about Qimo, let us know.  And of course, promote those stories!



New Website Launched

After too much time, I've finally got the Qimo website up and running.  Hopefully it is worth the wait.

 Don't be too dissapointed, there will be more features coming over the next few weeks (and take a breather from preparing for Scale 7x).  Comments are welcome!

Mascots, Donations and L.A.

It's been a very busy couple of weeks for us, and especially for QuinnCo.
We've doubled the number of computers donated, started planning a marketing campaign for Qimo, and of course
we've been preparing for our trip to SCALE 7x.

First off, let me introduce Qimo. No, not the software, Qimo the Eskimo, our new Mascot!
Qimo is just the tip of the iceberg, thanks to the very generous Brian Hall for donating his time and
talents we are getting all new artwork for Qimo.

Even though we haven't release a final version of Qimo, we haven't let keep us from
getting computers out the door. In fact, we've given away more computers in the past week than we have all of last year!
If you know of any kids who could benefit from one of our computers, please let us know, and as always if you have
any computers, parts of computers, or even computer accessories, please consider donating to our cause. We would especially
like to start getting printers that we can donate to households that don't already have a computer.

As if all of that wasn't enough to keep us busy, we've also been
planning our trip to L.A. for the Southern California Linux Expo.
Thanks again to Brian, we're going to be showing off in style. We will
have commercially printed Qimo CDs to give away along with lots of
other marketing material, all with much better artwork that we could
have made ourselves. We've also enrolled to
host a "Birds of a Feather" discussion about how Linux and Open Source
can help charitable organizations save money without sacrificing

Even More Updates!

This week has been eventful!! I wanted to send out special thanks again.

First, a thank you goes out to Pat Taft, who has been helping us establish connections at our local university!

And additionally, we owe a debt of gratitude to Chris Crisafulli, who
arranged with Rod Sharp for us to have space at both the Jacksonville
and Orlando Linux Expos. Thank you very much, Florida Linux Shows, for
allowing us the opportunity to show at the expos!!

QuinnCo is establishing contacts and making friends with a
number of people across the nation, as well. We're pleased to welcome
our friend Tim (Thanatos) into the QuinnCo fold, as he will be helping
us to establish our first Chapter in his community.

The response has been incredible and we're very grateful to
each and every one of you who have offered help and support. Without
you, we would not be doing this!!

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