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Looking for Qimo gear?  We have partnered with several companies to bring it to you!  Whether it’s Qimo CDs, apparel or a whole computer system with Qimo pre-isntalled, you’ll find it here.


Order a Qimo CD

You can order a screen-printed Qimo CD from the good folks at  These are perfect for giving away to friends and family, or order in bulk to pass out at conventions.  The print quality makes for a nice presentation.

Purchase a CD

To keep costs low to you, these disks are sold at cost.  So if you want to help fund the development of Qimo, please see our charity page.


Buy a Qimo Computer

Want to get your little ones started with Qimo, but don’t have an extra computer available?  You can now buy a computer with Qimo already installed from one of these vendors.  Choose from a traditional desktop or ultra-portable netbook.



Invenire 1220

Invenire 1220
Designed for students of all ages, this desktop is packed with features specific to learning.



Qimo My Desktop

Qimo My Laptop


Like our CDs, these computers don’t include any additional markup from us.  If you like them, and want to help us continue development of Qimo, you can send us a donation on our charity page.


Get Qimo Gear

Would you like to help us raise money for development, and look cool and stylish, rocking Qimo on your shirt?  Want a mousepad with Qimo’scheery face? Do you have little ones in the house who would dig a “Qimo for Me!” shirt?  They’re available at Cafe Press!!

Buy Qimo Gear


All profits go toward development and maintainence costs associated with Qimo.