ZaReason Invenire 1220 Reviewed

A couple of weeks ago, ZaReason sent us a shiny new Invenire 1220 running Qimo 2.0 for a review. This is the first time I’ve ever seen Qimo running on a machine I hadn’t put it on, and the fact that it was like that out of the box was one of the coolest experiences I’ve had. Having Qimo […]

Qimo on ZaReason PCs

We were very excited to hear this week that ZaReason has a new PC model geared towards children and young adults, and that you can get it running Qimo 2.0!  Not only that, but Qimo is the default and recommended operating system for this model.  And at $299, it’s perfectly priced for children who are […]

Automated Qimo Deployment

Andy Leonard has written a Qimo module for Puppet, a popular open source data center automation and configuration management framework. This seems like it would be helpful to anybody who wants to deploy Qimo to an Ubuntu computer lab. You can get the module code from his github page.   How are you using Qimo?  Drop us an email […]

ELDER Project in Canada

There is an organization in Canada called the Elder Project, which is setting up computers with free and open source software in schools, and we’re very happy to see that Qimo is a part of that!  Below are a couple of videos from the project showing Qimo being used by a teacher on an overhead projector, […]

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