Goodbye Friends

Hello friends and loved ones, The time has come for us to announce the retirement of the Qimo project.  We haven’t actively developed in several years, as you know, because life got in the way, as life is wont to do. When we started the project, there was a need for a simple, unobtrusive interface […]

Category 5 TV

We’ve been told that Category 5 TV, an online technology show, will be featuring Qimo on tonight’s episode.  Tune in at 7pm Eastern to watch it live, or any time after on their website. (Update: The recording of the live shows is available for viewing here:

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ZaReason Invenire 1220 Reviewed

A couple of weeks ago, ZaReason sent us a shiny new Invenire 1220 running Qimo 2.0 for a review. This is the first time I’ve ever seen Qimo running on a machine I hadn’t put it on, and the fact that it was like that out of the box was one of the coolest experiences I’ve had. Having Qimo […]

Qimo on ZaReason PCs

We were very excited to hear this week that ZaReason has a new PC model geared towards children and young adults, and that you can get it running Qimo 2.0!  Not only that, but Qimo is the default and recommended operating system for this model.  And at $299, it’s perfectly priced for children who are […]

Moving to WordPress

We are in the process of moving the website to WordPress.  This move has been a long time in coming, but the truth is we never really had problems with our previous setup.  We appreciate the donated hosting given to us by TM+R, is has been a terrific resource for us over the past couple […]

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Automated Qimo Deployment

Andy Leonard has written a Qimo module for Puppet, a popular open source data center automation and configuration management framework. This seems like it would be helpful to anybody who wants to deploy Qimo to an Ubuntu computer lab. You can get the module code from his github page.   How are you using Qimo?  Drop us an email […]

ELDER Project in Canada

There is an organization in Canada called the Elder Project, which is setting up computers with free and open source software in schools, and we’re very happy to see that Qimo is a part of that!  Below are a couple of videos from the project showing Qimo being used by a teacher on an overhead projector, […]

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Qimo for Christmas

We're very excited to announce that Zareason, renowned distributor of desktops and laptops running Ubuntu, will begin offering systems pre-configured with Qimo this holiday season.  This is the third and largest vendor to add Qimo to their lineup, and they bring a large selection of very high-quality custom systems desktops, laptops and netbooks.

Qimo partners with PC Vendors

We have been working with PC vendors to provide computers suitable for children that come with Qimo already installed. We were first approached by after Scale 8x, and they immediately started offering both a desktop and laptop customized with Qimo at an affordable price. Just last month we also added Homebuilt PC to our list of vendors, they […]

Qimo 2.0 is now available!

After much hard work, and some delay, we are pleased to bring your the second version of our popular Linux Desktop for Kids! Special Thanks First off, I’d like to thank Brian Hall for once again providing the amazing artwork that makes Qimo so special and appealing to children of all ages.  I would also […]