8 Responses to Automated Qimo Deployment

  1. Brett says:

    Hello….Nice distro have used as a live cd but I am wondering if you have a install instructions as to beable to pxe to diskless system.


  2. Alessandro says:

    Qimo for kids? No. Qimo for all kind of users. It is as stable as openSuse 11.3, it is fast and easy to use. Really great distro. My ideal OS was a mixture of Ubuntu and openSuse (Suse just for the stability) and then I found Qimo, just by chance. Even if I use Qimo with the Xubuntu desktop. With Qimo I got a flawless and stable Xubuntu.
    Mille grazie.

  3. Alessandro says:

    Hello Michael,
    My love is Ubuntu. But when I open 3 or 4 livestreams (Bloomberg, Goldman Sachs etc) at the same time, my ethernet connection brakes down. For that reason I cannot use Ubuntu for my daily work. The same thing for Xubuntu and Linux Mint with Gnome. To my surprise Mint worked perfectly with LXDE. After that experience, I started to search on Distrowatch….and the winner is: Qimo/Xubuntu and Linux Mint 8 Fluxbox/LXDE (at least for my needs).
    Ciao Michael.