Want Qimo gear?

Would you like to help us raise money for development, and look cool and stylish, rocking Qimo on your shirt?  Want a mousepad with Qimo’s cheery face? Do you have little ones in the house who would dig a “Qimo for Me!” shirt?  They’re available!!

Start Shopping!

All profits go toward development and maintainence costs associated with Qimo.


8 Responses to Want Qimo gear?

  1. Erfhol – Qimo loads in English, but has available a number of translations through the menu. Let us know if you have difficulty finding the language translation you need.

  2. TriLong says:

    cai ai nguoi Viet thu sai cai nay chua ??? chi em download va cai vo voi!! cho chau em choi!! 🙂

  3. Andreas says:

    Hey there.
    thanks for making this distribution. Our son enjoys very much my old PC which got a new life (another thanks for the low minimum specs) 😉