Mascots, Donations and L.A.

It's been a very busy couple of weeks for us, and especially for QuinnCo.
We've doubled the number of computers donated, started planning a marketing campaign for Qimo, and of course
we've been preparing for our trip to SCALE 7x.

First off, let me introduce Qimo. No, not the software, Qimo the Eskimo, our new Mascot!
Qimo is just the tip of the iceberg, thanks to the very generous Brian Hall for donating his time and
talents we are getting all new artwork for Qimo.

Even though we haven't release a final version of Qimo, we haven't let keep us from
getting computers out the door. In fact, we've given away more computers in the past week than we have all of last year!
If you know of any kids who could benefit from one of our computers, please let us know, and as always if you have
any computers, parts of computers, or even computer accessories, please consider donating to our cause. We would especially
like to start getting printers that we can donate to households that don't already have a computer.

As if all of that wasn't enough to keep us busy, we've also been
planning our trip to L.A. for the Southern California Linux Expo.
Thanks again to Brian, we're going to be showing off in style. We will
have commercially printed Qimo CDs to give away along with lots of
other marketing material, all with much better artwork that we could
have made ourselves. We've also enrolled to
host a "Birds of a Feather" discussion about how Linux and Open Source
can help charitable organizations save money without sacrificing

9 Responses to Mascots, Donations and L.A.

  1. Michael Hall says:

    The BoF went quite well, we’re working with another group based out of California to get Qimo-powered computers into a school in Mexico. We’re also working on a collaboration website to help any group with similar goals.

  2. Troy Volin says:

    I’m interested interested in burning a handful of Qimo CD’s to give to parents at our school. Where could I find the artwork that you had on the pressed CDs you had at SCALE 7x?

  3. Michael Hall says:

    The CDs we gave away at SCALE were professionally printed, not pressed, which is part of the reason they looked so nice.

    I have uploaded the image that was used for them at the bottom of our download page, you should be able to use that in whatever software you have for printing labels.

    All of our artwork is licensed under the Creative Commons share-alike non commercial license.

  4. lugh says:

    I’m just wondering if you considered whether this might be perceived as offensive. The USA and Canada have a long history of portraying native Americans as juvenile or childlike. For example, many old alphabet books have "I is for Indian".

    Would it be acceptable if your mascot was named "Japy the Japaneese person"? Probably not.

  5. lugh, people will perceive things however they want to perceive them. That we chose an Eskimo as a mascot could also be seem as a testament to our respect for a proud people and their traditions.

    Or you can choose to see it as insulting. Though it should be noted (using your example) that we didn’t name him "Canucky the Canadian".

    It’s a shame that your first thought (when encountering open-source software for special-needs children) was of racism. I think that speaks volumes more than any mascot ever could.

  6. lugh says:

    Surely I have no doubt of your good intentions. The operating system is a wonderful idea and I admire the fact that you are investing your personal time and money into it. I apologise if my comment appeared to undermine the work you do. But where I live, the word "Eskimo" is offensive (although it doesn’t literally mean anything bad, it has become an derogatory term.) People prefer to call themselves Inuit or Inuinnaq.

  7. Seriously? "Eskimo" is considered derogatory? When did that happen?

    Clearly I need to spend more time on Wikipedia. Oh the times, they are a changin’

    From Wiki: The primary reason that Eskimo is considered derogatory is the false perception that it means "eaters of raw meat".

    Really? I do like my steaks rare…

  8. Michael Hall says:

    I’m closing this comment thread, I don’t think any of us really wants to take it any further.

    While we have nothing but respect for the Inuit people, Qimo is a reference to our son, not to them, and is made with all the love that we have.

    We have too much work to do, getting quality educational software to kids who need it, to spend time worry about the possibility that someone might take offense. If they do, I’d feel bad for it, but then I’d get right back to work helping kids, because that is what we do.