Qimo in the News

We just got back from our Scale trip and already Qimo is starting to get notice!

Katherine Noyes once again mentions us in one of her now twice-weekly blog safaris over at Linux Insider.  Meanwhile, Matt Asay over at CNet talks about getting kids started on Linux early by giving them a Qimo desktop.

If you find anyone else talking about Qimo, let us know.  And of course, promote those stories!



9 Responses to Qimo in the News

  1. Hi, I´m Guillermo (or Willy) Klew, I´m a blogger at Visualbeta, and a Linux fan.
    I just found out about your work and wrote about it in our blog, so I thought I´d just let you know.

    Hope you keep up the good work, I think all of this is a great idea.

    Best regards

  2. Carol Lerche says:

    How about providing debs or another kind of package to put your xfce customization on a pre-existing ubuntu? I don’t want to blast a working Ubuntu with XFCE on my XOs but I’d love to provide your desktop.

  3. Johan says:

    It have been posted to a South African tech website, tectonic (http://www.tectonic.co.za/?p=4208), from where I got the link to Qimo.

    It just went past me, but this morning some lady asked about software for kids at the nursery so I had to do a quick RSS search and gave her the link. I am trying to convince her to run it, although she has already purchased M$ software 🙁
    I hope that her mind can be changed 🙂

  4. Michael Hall says:

    Qimo Debs are definitely something we’re going to do, I just have to learn how to make them. I assume that it won’t be too difficult, I just haven’t had a chance to do so yet.

  5. Poiema says:

    Michael –

    Do you have any plans to possibly open up Qimo development to a Qimo community?

    Also, are you using any of the kids browsers such as Kidoz or the Firefox add on Glubble? I am just now downloading Qimo to demo.

    John in Texas

  6. Michael Hall says:

    John in Texas,
    Since Qimo was designed to be run off-line we haven’t been including of that nature. It may be something we look into for future releases though.

  7. Boris says:


    Thanks for this distribution! I use it as a LiveCD on my old notebook. My 5 year old like to play with Qimo.

    The only problem he noticed for LiveCD version is absence of Flash plugin for Firefox. His favorite site is http://www.starwars.com which is full of Flash.

    Hopefully, this can be fixed in next release.

    Thanks again,

  8. Michael Hall says:

    Since Qimo is designed to be run offline, we haven’t included Flash support. However, since Qimo is based on Ubuntu Linux, you can easily get the Flash plugin from the Add/Remove application under the main menu.

  9. I am preparing the curricula for primary school and I am very happy to find Qimo. Is there any further plan to create an spanish build?
    Are there additional programs for kids on Qimo?