9 Responses to Build Day Photos

  1. Alessandro Costa says:

    Boa tarde,
    como faço o download do "QIMO FOR KIDS" gratuito ou free se possivel em portuques(br). Para executar através do cd.

    desde já muito obrigado


  2. Agrinaldo says:

    como faço o download do "QIMO FOR KIDS" gratuito, ou free, se possivel em portuques(br). Para executar através do cd.



  3. rybaxs says:

    Thanks to Qimo!
    resurrecting antique computers for kids!!

    I wish their is a super light Qimo OS that works below minimum requirements.
    (400Mhz processor, 256MB of RAM, and a 6GB)


  4. Jefferson says:

    Para Alessandro e Agrinaldo:
    (For Alessandro and Agrinaldo):

    Amigos, para fazer o download do Qimo 4 Kids, basta ir no site http://www.qimo4kids.com clicar em Downloads e depois clicar em algum dos Mirrors.
    Infelizmente o sistema Qimo ainda não está em português, mas o download do lugar onde eu indiquei roda direto do cd pra vocês testarem.

    Um abraço!

  5. I tried out Qimo on a notebook PC that is about 10 years old that has a 500MHz P3 processor and I was quite impressed with the performance of the distro on that old machine. Great work, guys.

  6. Michael Hall says:

    In the future there may be a Qimo that runs something even more lightweight than XFCE, bringing the memory requirements below 128 MB, but at that point the games themselves will start to be the limiting factor, so I’m not sure how much lighter we can make it.

  7. lorenzo says:

    Hi. greetings for all your nice effort for kids.

    I need help for old doned PCs in Chile to make a Qimo probe.

    Do you know somewhere who want to donate old PCs here in my country Chile?

    There are many spam in that forum.

    I wait for your answer